Thursday, June 12, 2008

MoCCA Report...? Uh, yeah

So MoCCA went well, 73 copies of The Archer were sold/traded/given away so that was a pleasant surprise! Crooked Teeth#2 might get a cover overhaul since the first was so rushed and I'm not too psyched on it...So who knows!
This was the most inspiring comics event I think I've ever been too, I got so many great new minis that I can't wait to read and re-read. Now I want to start on a new story already for whenever....So I guess I'll post some sketch book stuff or whatever from now on, alright?

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VICTOR said...

Hey Nate can I have a copy of The Archer? If you still live in Brooklyn, I can pick it up some day.. It's not like i have a JOB or anything.
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