Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sketchbook sinkhole

More weird hand things, hah, I dunno.
Things have been busy, two nights of playing drums and the WFMU record fair was yesterday, with such exciting purchases of two Sinkhole LPs and a Rice LP as well as an old Maximum RocknRoll compilation "They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard" which has Nausea and then Screeching Weasel on it, hahah. I'm just going to put up some things I've been working on recently, like sketchbook stuff and starting the second chapter in the so far untitled story that's ongoing in Crooked Teeth...Yup! Lemme know what you think of this color shit, I might keep doing it, it's fun and pretty theraputic!


zach hazard vaupen (c) 2008 all rights reserved said...

i like the color stuff. definitely keep with it.

diane said...

yo there are like 9 million comic stores here. it's rad as shit.